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Discovering the Root Cause

To schedule your consultation, please call 310-777-3463

Prospective clients must have Consultation, Examination and Report of Findings appointments (all 3) first, prior to receiving any service(s) below.

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Visceral Manipulation
Feel Freedom From Within

dr christina kousouli craniosacral therapy visceral manipulation reiki meditate

New Patients Start HERE

Dr. Theo kousouli Christina naturopath chiropractic x-ray xray exam
Dr. Theo Kousouli Regression Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Past Life Regression smoking
dr theo kousouli method neural emotive reconditioning chiropractic naturopathy

Kousouli® Method Chiropractic Care

Adjustments - Baby, Pregnancy & Adult

Kousouli® Method Hypnotherapy
Traditional and Regression Therapy

Cupping Technique

Detox Stagnant Energy

dr kousouli auric imaging biofield aura psychic chiropractor naturopath

(KNER®) Neural Emotive Reconditioning

Clear and Strengthen your Neural-Emotive Field

deep tissue myofascial release kousouli dr. chiropractor naturopath

Deep Tissue Myofascial Release 
(KDT-MRT®) Release Stubborn Stiffness


Live the Healing Power of Nature

dr christina kousouli herbalism botanical medicine herbal medicine naturopathic


Sublingual Energy Medicine

Clinical Nutrition

Personalized Dietary Assessment


Ancient Earth Medicines


Meet w/ the Doctor on Your Case Results

Kousouli chiropractor xray consultation exam naturopathic naturopath
dr kousouli whiplash auto accident motor vehicle accident head injury personal
kousouli bulging herniated disc degenerative joint disease facet syndrome back
dr kousouli surrago sciatic nerve sciatica piriformis syndrome pulled hamstring

Auto Accident &

Whiplash Injury

Sciatica & Nerve Pain

Bulging &

Herniated Disc

Arthritis & Knee Pain

TMJ & Jaw Pain

Neck Pain

dr kousouli surrago shoulder pain torn rotator cuff bicep tendon pain regression
dr kousouli neck TMJ jaw pain headaches chiropractic naturopath chiropractor
kousouli knee hip patella arthritis pain regression hypnosis chiropractor

Rotator Cuff &

Shoulder Pain

Foot & Ankle Sprain

Poor Neck Posture

Thigh & Leg Pain

Sports Injuries

Fitness Holistic Wellness

Pre & Post

Surgery Healing 

Pediatric Wellness

Ear Infections

kousouli low back pain SI pain sacroiliitis hip alignment hip pain chiropractor
dr kousouli surrago foot ankle sprain strain chiropractor naturopath
kousouli crohns ibs digestive disorders ulcerative colitis celiac food allergy
dr kousouli tight thigh pain leg pain muscle strain muscle pain hip alignment
dr kousouli athlete sports injury chiropractor naturopath
kousouli surrago scoliosis athlete pediatric baby infant toddler child wellness
dr kousouli obesity weight loss hypnosis chiropractor naturopath
dr kousouli smoking habit regression hypnosis chiropractor hypnotherapist
plastic surgery surgeries pre post scar tissue hypnosis chiropractor naturopath
dr kousouli ear infections eustachian tube swimmer's ear regression hypnosis
dr kousouli surrago pediatric baby infant toddler child wellness exam regression

Carpal Tunnel Hand

& Wrist Pain


Allergies & Asthma

Anxiety Irritability & Stress

GERD, Heart Burn

Torticollis & Muscle Strain

kousouli carpal tunnel hand wrist pain ulnar median nerve hypnosis chiropractor
kousouli scoliosis osteoporosis kyphosis lordosis rib hump hypnosis chiropractor
dr kousouli allergies asthma hypnosis chiropractor naturopath
dr kousouli anxiety irritable stress hypnosis chiropractor naturopath
kousouli gerd heartburn heart burn acid reflux esophagitis hypnosis chiropractor
kousouli torticollis muscle strain frozen neck hypnosis chiropractor naturopath
kousouli autoimmune skin rash eczema psoriasis  hypnosis chiropractor naturopath

Autoimmune Issues

dr kousouli phobia habit regression fear hypnosis chiropractor hypnotherapist
dr kousouli chronic fatigue fibromyalgia hypnosis chiropractor naturopath

Chronic Fatigue

& Fibromyalgia

kousouli neck pain poor posture text neck regression hypnosis chiropractor
dr kousouli men women senior osteoporosis chiropractor naturopath
Stretching assisted tight tendons fascia Dr. Theo Kousouli Christina Kousouli
dr theo kousouli christina cupping chiropractor naturopath

Auric Biofield Imaging

Discover your Subtle Energy Field

Electric Stimulation
 Improve circulation and lower pain

Electric Stimulation Dr. Theo Kousouli circulation Nerve Pain chiropractic

Men's & Women's Health

Obesity & Weight Loss

Hormone Balancing

Habit Issues (Quit Smoking)

Phone consultation dr theo kousouli Dr. Christine Surrago Dr. Christina

Baby & Toddler

Spinal Checkups

Crohns, IBS &

Digestive Disorders

Assisted Stretching
 Release tight tendons and fascia 

Slow down the aging process


Headaches & Migraines

kousouli surrago neck pain migraines cluster headache tension headache whiplash
kousouli neck pain migraines whiplash headaches regression hypnosis chiropractor
dr kousouli fitness holistic wellness chiropractor naturopath
dr kousouli anti aging youth young holistic wellness chiropractor naturopath
kousouli naturopath hormone balancing hormones holistic menopause chiropractor

Phobias & Fear Release

Dr. Theo Kousouli Christina chiropractor Chiropractic Spinal Alignment Adjust

Sacroiliitis & Back Pain

Craniosacral Therapy

Deep Alignment via Cerebral Spinal Fluid


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