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What is the Kousouli® Method and how can it help me? ​​​​​​​

The Kousouli® Method is a proprietary full body healing system created by Theodoros Kousouli, D.C., CHt., to deliver a unique form of healing to each patient. Dr. Kousouli understood early in his healer training that the root cause of harm in humanity is diverse, and true healing depends on a person’s current state of innate awareness and their process or journey in life's expression.  Dr. Kousouli continues to develop his work with those seeking to excel past the mundane aspects of simple pain control. Dr. Theo Kousouli is creating top elite human transformations for those who seek his counsel world-wide. For over 15 years, The Kousouli® Method has repeatedly provided excellence to those who have followed the program guidelines as witnessed by countless loving patient tesimonials. It tuly is intuitive work that helps heal body, mind, and spirit in different ways for each person.

1. New Patient Initial Phone Consultation (15 min): All potential new patients must first call and schedule a new patient phone consultation through the appointment line at 310-777-3463 There is a screening process prior to receiving care as a patient as not all cases are accepted.

If our office has openings to accept new patients, you will be able to make an appointment with one of our doctors who will contact you and discuss your health goals. Please have thoroughly reviewed this website and prepare all your questions for for the doctor at your appointed call time.

The new patient phone consultation zeros in on what your health goals are and how we can help you achieve them. We will share the process of treatment and recommend the best path for service. If the doctor determines that you need an examination to further evaluate you, we will book and schedule a time and date for your 60-90 minutes examination. All appointments require a credit care authorization to secure your exam time. Fees for all service times missed, without exception are non-refundable. No therapy is given until after both the examination and report of findings appointments.

2. In-Depth Examination (60-90 min): On your next visit, you will fill out the new patient history and release forms which take a few minutes. The doctor will thoroughly review your paperwork with you and there may also be a brief testing of your energy field. If you are receptive to the process, happy with the answers to your questions, the examination will then follow so the doctor can gather the vital information needed and order any other evaluations or offer a co-management referral in the event your case needs partnership with another specialist.

After your examination, you will be sent to an imaging facility and you can schedule your other evaluations (blood work, X-rays, MRIs, etc.) Once all data is received and reviewed, you can schedule an in office 60 minute 'Report of Findings follow up appointment' to review your care options.

3. Report of Findings and Treatment Plan Appointment (60 min): At this appointed in-office scheduled time slot, your doctor will notify you of all the imaging results, data collected and reviewed to care for you. You will be recommended therapies and services for your care and they will address final questions you may have. From there, the doctor will determine the best course of action for your specific case and you will choose your care plan at this time to start your healing journey. You may also start therapy on this day, if the doctor feels it appropriate and time allows.

Am I a candidate for this therapy?​​​​​​​

If you are wondering if you qualify for this kind of therapy, the initial phone consultation will help answer your questions and resolve your concerns. It also serves as a time for you and the doctor to get acquainted, decide if you are meant to work together and if your case qualifies for this office. There are no guarantees made at any time; however with all parties working toward a common goal, the chance of success rises.

Based on your specific case, you will be told by the doctor both during your consultation and report of findings appointments if this work is the right fit. There are times when someone may not be an energetic fit for our doctors or office. Accepted patients here are active participants in their healing. We do not work with cynical, entitled or unwilling individuals who are resistant to following doctor instruction, those who want quick fixes or those not understanging good health is a continued long-term process. If any of this is the case, you will be directed to another provider or medical clinic that will best suit your needs.

What should I expect from therapy? ​​​​​​​

Past patients have experienced stress and pain relief with an awakened sense of life purpose. Results do vary widely for all people for a number of factors, including: 

  • Age 
  • Work, home, social lifestyle and habits 
  • Amount of toxic load (prescription drugs, smoking, alcohol, etc.) in the body
  • Daily spiritual, mental, emotional and physical stressors or limitations  
  • Past accumulated spiritual, mental, emotional and physical traumas
  • Current level of degeneration in one's spine (previous spinal neglect) 
  • Hydration, diet and daily nutrient and supplement intake  
  • Scar tissue formation from surgery or car accidents
  • Stage of current dis-ease
  • Belief structure related to healing

Should I see my medical doctor or psychologist while receiving therapy?

Yes. You are encouraged to see your medical doctor(s), psychologist, etc. and employ both medical and other holistic doctors to supplement your care with us. We believe and support the correct application of medical and pharmacological wisdom. Our doctors are not trained as, nor do they treat as medical doctors or psychologists. All dcotors have their specific specializations and you should aim for whole body, spirit, and mental health.  

How do I become a patient? ​​​​​​​

What if I am on medications or have received recent vaccinations?​​​​​​​

Certain medications will slow down your healing progress. The medical provider who prescribes your medication should be monitoring you frequently - and carefully - for side effects. They are responsible for gradually lowering, eliminating, or adjusting dosages with your continued progress. As we work towards holistic healing, you should consult your medical doctor(s) as well, to see if your medications are impeding progress.

Vaccines also affect healing rate. If you’ve recently been vaccinated, inform the doctor in your consultation before starting care so they can take that into account. It is the patient's responsibility to speak with their medical doctor about the pros, cons and side effects of vaccines.

As your hoistic health guides, our doctors do recommend honest and viable options for you. They respect your free-will to choose and will never tell you what to do or take on your responsibility to live your life the way you like. You are always responsible for doing your part to allow your healing to manifest.

Instead, we have joined forces with a fair finance management company which, for a small fee, helps ALL patients afford the care they need at a low monthly price they can afford. Instead of high copays or no coverage at all, this partnership offers ALL patients no interest, pre-approved assistance that is flexible and allows you to heal your body in natural, holistic ways.

Can I use my medical insurance?​​​​​​​

We are a holistic health care clinic and not medical providers. Medical insurance covers 'out of office' medical procedures such as x-ray imaging.  Our office does not associate with any insurance companies as we feel most of them do not have our patients’ best interest at heart.