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In-Depth Chiropractic or Naturopathic Examination, Imaging & Labwork

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After the initial phone consultation, all prospective patients must have both a thorough examination and report of findings appointment, prior to receiving any treatment and becoming an active patient. After filling out the new patient questionnaires and reviewing with the doctor your health concerns, you will be examined. The full examination visit takes 60-90 minutes. If you are a prospective chiropractic patient, you will be given a prescription to get X-rays (CT or MRI if needed) at a nearby imaging facility scheduled the same day or later at your convenience. If you are a prospective naturopathic patient, you will be given a prescription for labwork or imaging studies (if needed). The imaging service or laboratory will digitally send the results to us for review at your report of findings appointment.

By using the information gained from your exam, labs and/or imaging, Dr. Kousouli can provide accurate information regarding your prognosis, rehabilitation and healing. You will then be scheduled for a thorough 60 minute presentation of all the exam, labs and radiologist's findings. This is called your "Report of Findings" appointment. Rest assured, all of your questions will be addressed. At this time, your doctor will advise the best personalized care program for you.