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Dr. Christine Surrago - Kousouli is a licensed Naturopath serving the Los Angeles, Mirale Mile, West Hollywood, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills communities. Dr. Christine blends well researched, medical science with medical intuition in the diagnosis and treatment of her patients. She advises patients on all aspects of health, including but not limited to, gut health, thyroid health, mental health, hormone health, immune health, brain health, neurological health, adrenal health and cardiovascular health.  Patients often work closely with Dr. Christine for continual improvements in their overall health and well-being.  She avoids harsh cleanses, detoxes, “healing crises” and Herxheimer reactions which are often more harmful than good, leaving the body weak and open to more dysfunction. 

Her approach to treatment is always gentle, steady and strengthening for the body. Her individually crafted therapies are intended to balance the blood, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, restore adrenal and thyroid function, restore sleep, improve the gut barrier function and the microbiome, and eliminate the possible causes for diseases and infections through holistic methods and treatment modalities.  Dr. Christine also recommends medical specialists and physicians when needed for optimal health and well-being.  Her toolbox of holistic therapies is all-encompassing, including but not limited to expert dietary and exercise recommendations, botanical therapies, biofeedback, homeopathy and supplements. 

She is deeply in tune when it comes to the energetic-physical body and her work utilizing craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, reiki and meditation for body restoration and well-being.  With her continual treatments over time, the body naturally detoxes harmful substances while improving overall health.  Dr. Christine often utilizes diagnostic labs to uncover certain causes for common ailments including vitamin/mineral panels, mold testing, environmental toxin testing, microbiome testing, heavy metal testing, food allergy testing, gut immunity testing, hormone testing, neurotransmitter testing, lyme, EBV, mycoplasma, HHV-6 and chronic infection testing and treats each condition skillfully and effectively. 

As each health issue is improved under her care, she will move on to the next area of your health that needs attending to.  Additionally, Dr. Christine gives back to her community with free health and wellness classes and meditation classes. She is happily married to Dr. Theo Kousouli, her partner in life, love and healing.

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