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New Patient Phone Consultation

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In order to become an established patient and receive treatments at our office, you must attend three very important appointments. The first is an initial 15 minute complimentary phone consultation where we determine if your case is appropriate for our office. The second is your initial new patient examination where an in-depth history is taken and a thorough examination is performed. Typically, the chiropractor will send you for X-Rays (or CT/MRI if needed) and our naturopathic doctor will send you for labs or other imaging studies (as needed) to obtain more data on your condition. After you have completed all labs, X-rays or imaging studies, your third appointment will be scheduled. This is your report of findings appointment. At the report of findings, your doctor will present all of your reports, your diagnosis, prognosis and the best care plan for you. At this time, treatment can begin.

We pride ourselves in giving patients personalized in-depth care, unlike any others. We strive to understand your health condition as much as possible before any recommendations or therapy takes place. You deserve honest, straightforward answers regarding your health. We do not believe in guessing or skipping any steps in your care. Call to schedule your complimentary phone consultation today at 310-777-3463 and start your healing process.