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Clinical Nutrition

Your body's health is a reflection of everything you have eaten and lifestyle choices you have made. Any disease process is the lack of proper nutrients or overaccumulation of toxins affecting the homeostatic balance of your whole being. Your dietary choices have a large impact on your ability to heal and strengthen your body. For that reason, we highly recommend scheduling with Dr. Christine for a tailored diet and nutrient protocol as well as food allergy testing to eliminate any foods causing harm to your body. Dr. Christine will advise you on the exact choices of foods, quantities and what foods to avoid.  This therapy takes time to create lasting changes.  Initial results typically occur within the first 45 days, yet in some cases it can take months to years to see profound results.

Call our office 310-777-3464 to schedule your complimentary phone consultation today and find out how we can help you balance your diet and lifestyle for optimal wellness.