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Kousouli® Method SPINAL HEALING ​​​​​​​

Baby, Teen, Pregnancy and Adult Chiropractic Care

Experience the full benefits of personalized, full spinal care to relieve and relax your stressed nervous system from head to toe. Dr. Theo Kousouli performs safe and gentle spinal adjustments on men, women, teens, children, and infants using a variety of techniques.

Spinal adjustments are the minute specific movements of vertebrae in the spine performed by qualified doctors of chiropractic after fully analyzing the patient's spine. The objective of this movement is to ease the surrounding pressure on tissues and slowly align the vertebrae that have moved out of place (called a subluxation) for a number of reasons, ranging from normal daily activity to trauma from a car accident.

Over time, stress in the spinal column relaxes and allows ligaments, tendons, muscles, and other soft tissue to return the spine back to normal, removing pain and restoring function. Adjustments are an excellent way to keep body fluid and functioning at peak levels. When the body is in optimal alignment, the body is able to respond and perform as it was designed to.

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